Skin Care

From delivering much-needed moisture to sensitive skin around the eyes to lightening age-related dark spots around the face, Timeless Skin Care carries creams to address many types of concerns. Hard-working yet gentle ingredients such as hyaluronic acid promote hydration while firming skin and combatting the look of crows’ feet. Read on to discover three distinct benefits of the brand’s different creams.

1. Lighten Dark Spots

As we age, it is common for skin to develop dark spots around the face and on the back of hands. Unlike other skin care companies, which use harsh hydroquinone to lighten discoloration, Timeless Skin Care combines arbutin with kojic acid to reduce the appearance of spots naturally and gradually in a non-oily formula. The skin care cream lightens dark patches and prevents melanin formation over the course of one month.

2. Hydrate Sensitive Skin

The skin around the eyes is especially sensitive and prone to damage. Timeless’s Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream works to give aging skin a lift in moisture and lessen the severity of fine lines and crows’ feet. Active ingredient Matrixyl 3000, an alternative to Retin A, has been shown to boost the synthesis of collagen by more than 300 percent. Additionally, natural algae extract tightens and fortifies skin to limit wrinkles.

3. Awaken Tired Eyes

Lack of sleep, age, and a variety of other factors can lead dark circles and bags to form under the eyes. Timeless offers a fragrance-free and non-oily skin care cream specifically designed to undo these aesthetic nuisances and restore a youthful appearance. Dark Circle Eye Cream is effective in:

  • Limiting puffiness
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Lightening dark areas
  • Firming under-eye skin

These are just some of the perks of regular use of Timeless Skin Care’s different creams. For assistance finding the best one for your needs, or to speak with a representative, call 800-213-3705. You can also reach the company online.