When you’re creating business or marketing videos, odds are you’re going to want to make them as engaging as possible. Simply put videos that are engaging are better able to retain viewers and ultimately convert them to perform a specific action.

As you can imagine creating engaging videos can be tricky, but there are a few steps that you can take to make your videos more engaging:

  • Keep the video duration about 1 minute long

The longer a video is, the more likely viewers are to lose interest and click away. That is why the most engaging videos tend to be under a minute in length. Frankly speaking the optimum length for videos varies depending on the platform and target market, but aiming to keep it around the minute mark is a good rule of thumb.

  • Use the first 8 seconds wisely

Most viewers (i.e. more than 80%) will decide whether to keep watching during the first 8 seconds of any video. Because of that it is important that you use those first 8 seconds wisely, and immediately try to interest them by outlining the video and its benefits. Beating around the bush would be a bad idea, considering you don’t have much time to engage viewers.

  • Leverage visual elements to deliver the message

A sizable number of viewers nowadays watch videos on mute, which means that you should leverage visual elements to deliver your video’s message. Depending on the video, you may want to use subtitles, captions or other forms of text or images to put your points across.

  • Try to trigger an emotional response

The most engaging videos all have one thing in common: They trigger emotional responses in viewers. When viewers ‘feel’ something by watching a video they are more likely to be engaged and want to respond to the video. In short, not only will this increase engagement, but it will help with conversions too.

Of course to pull all this off you’ll have to be able to edit your videos – which is where a video editor can help. As an easy-to-use movie editor, you will be able to edit your videos to incorporate the tips above without any hassle.

Using Movavi Video Editor you can cut and join video segments, apply special effects and filters, add captions, insert audio tracks, include animated transitions, enhance the video quality, and much more. In short its features are comprehensive enough that you will be able to tweak your video as and how you see fit.

Make no mistake you don’t need any prior experience or special skills to use Movavi Video Editor, and in fact you should be able to start right away. Just give it a try for yourself, and you’ll see how straightforward it makes editing and how much you can do with it.