Funeral Expenses

When you’re at the prime of your life, funeral expenses are the least of your worries. You’re too caught up with your job and family to think about your final moments of life. Policies such as life, medical and even car insurance are at the forefront of your mind.

During retirement, the most important thing for us is making sure that the money we earned lasts us until our final breath. But do we ever think about how we’ll wind up the affair of our funerals? Is our family to bear the burden of the crippling funeral costs while going through terrible emotional pain of our loss? When there is a death in the family, the usual reactions for most family members is shock and disbelief. This is not the time to put more pressure on them!

Funerals are an emotional affair

It can take your family days, or even hours to come to terms with your death. During this difficult period in their life, taking care of the financial burden of your funeral could well be the most punishing experience to their traumatized hearts. They may have to borrow money from relatives or banks in order to provide you with a dignified send off. It doesn’t help if they’re involved in heavy debts to begin with, which could include mortgage payments and student loans.

Give your family a parting gift

Therefore, having funeral expense insurance is the most important parting gift you can give to your family, saving them from the financial burden of your funeral – which can be a very costly affair. Funeral expense insurance can provide costs for the funeral, burial, priests and even flowers, giving you a memorable, dignified burial.

It can be very costly to uninsured people

A typical funeral can set back your family an amount between $10000 and $20000. This is just for the funeral itself! Not including miscellaneous items such as food services and florists. Even if you choose to cremate yourself, it can cost you from $5000 onwards. An extremely expensive amount which is usually not something most people can produce on time, if at all. Why leave your family members in pain, when you can let them mourn you in peace?

Life insurance is different and usually doesn’t cover burial expenses

Merely having a life insurance policy is not enough to cover funeral expenses, because they are covered in an entirely different set of policies which need to be purchased separately. So while the life insurance will partially compensate the loss of income due to your death, it won’t cover your funeral expenses.

If you have decided that your estate is insufficient to make burial payments, or doesn’t have enough of a time frame to pay for your funeral costs, consider purchasing burial insurance. As with any other kind of insurance, funeral expense insurance also has a wide variety of policies for you to choose from.

Freedom Insurance provides you with a comprehensive guide on selecting the right package for your funeral. Call now to get a funeral insurance quote.