Internet providerThe paper and print era seems to be dying out, and the internet is setting the pace for global digitization. People bank, shop, study and apparently spend most of their leisure time on the internet. This sends a clear signal that so many businesses and individuals rely on the internet fully for their day-to-day activities. Without fast and reliable internet, however, it can become frustrating to get things done or rather in time.

Technology has taken over. Seamlessly, for everything to work in harmony, there must be the right connectivity. So, for you to enjoy the benefits of a fast internet connection, you must subscribe to the best broadband provider.

The commonly used form of internet access now a days is Broadband internet services due to its high access speed. The number of broadband providers in the United Kingdom continues to increase. Here is a list of best broadband providers in the UK.


Sky Broadband is one of the popular broadband providers in the UK. It offers impressive packages, including unlimited broadband and first fiber. The company enjoys of a good reputation in home telecoms industry. Besides, Sky broadband has packages with unlimited usage. Its download speed ranges from 11mbps to 63mbps. Sky also has upload speed of 19mbps on Fibre Max and 9.5mbps on fibre.


This is the most popular broadband provider in United Kingdom with an outstanding uploading speed. Users with Superfast Fibre 1 enjoys upload speeds of 9.5mbps. Those with Superfast Fibre 2 gets up to 19.5 Mbps.

Virgin Media

This is the quickest largely available Broadband provider in United Kingdom. BT has download speed of 362Mbps. In addition, it has an average of 21Mbps upload speed.  According to Ofcom, Virgin offers the top speed in the United Kingdom. One unique feature of Virgin media is that it uses its own infrastructure to supply broadband into your home, unlike other competitors that rely on the Openreach network.


This is one of the cheapest Broadband in the UK with an average download speed ranging from 10mbps, 36mbps, 50Mbps, and 63Mbps. It has an upload speed of 2Mbps, 9.5Mbps, and 19.5Mbps. TalkTime uses ADSL and Fibre Broadband. It is both affordable and reliable. It’s superfast fiber packages are suitable for streaming games, free ebooks and movies.


This broadband is mainly known as a mobile network. It has an average download speed of 35Mbps and 63Mbps and an average upload speed of 10Mbps and 20Mbps. It is still quite new to Broadband but very affordable.

There are Many Options Available

Other available Broadband providers in the UK include EE Broadband, Plusnet, Post office, Now broadband, First Utility, SSe, Hyperoptic, and Direct Save Telecom. There are comparison sites over there where you can find the best deal and choose accordingly to your needs.

Internet access seems to be the current commonplace resource for communication. Nevertheless, choosing the right broadband provider is critically important to your business. Making a bad choice could make you pay the odds ever or leave you with cripplingly slow internet speed. You need to put into the considerations such factors like download limits, cost, speed limits, including location.