The time always comes when a change is needed and this is particularly true in the digital world, where changes are always being made because of technology advancements. Websites are often a key focus point for change – they must keep up with the latest trends or they will get left behind. Websites are one of the first points of contact customers have with your business and are vital when it comes to creating engagement and strong customer relationships. 

Knowing when it is the right time to make changes can be difficult, so here are 5 signs you need a new website.  

  1. It looks bad 

An unattractive website will not be accepted by any consumer in the 21st century. A good website is essential, and the perfect starting point is hiring a web designer. You should visit ALT Agency at to find out more.

If you look at the websites of popular brands, such as Apple and Coca-Cola, they are visually pleasing for the brain. There is no oversaturation of text and images. Instead, you are provided with an easy to navigate experience that is nice to look at. You might be a small business, but that does not mean you cannot have a website that is the same quality as much larger businesses. The visual trends of websites are constantly changing, so make sure you keep up to date with them as you move forward. 

  1. Everything is slow 

If your website is slow and painful to use, people will simply walk away. The damage a slow website can do is scary for your business

In the digital age, nobody has time for a slow website – everything must be fast and instant, or it will not keep any interest. 

  1. Not mobile-friendly 

Phones are the present – and future, most people browse to some extent on their phones. Therefore, it is very important that your business website is compatible with mobiles and tablets. If your website is not mobile friendly, you need to change – as this will not impress consumers. 

  1. There is no traffic 

Website traffic is the dream of every business. It means that people are regularly visiting your website, giving it plenty of hits. If you are not receiving any significant traffic, then there is one simple truth – something is wrong. It might be that you are low on Google’s search results, or your website simply is not good enough. For example, if you do not update your website and upload fresh content, it is going to fall down the search engine rankings. 

  1. Lack of engagement 

Lack of consumer engagement is the nightmare of every business owner. You want engagement through your website – it drives sales and increases your audience numbers. 

If people are not visiting your website, commenting on your posts, sharing your content, or making enquiries – your engagement is low. This is bad and is a sure sign that you need a new website. 

Do not worry – change is possible

If you find that the points above apply to you, then you need a new website. This might seem daunting, but it is not as difficult as it sounds. You can start by hiring a web designer. They will work closely with you to make your vision come to life through a new website, providing everything required to be successful in the digital marketing world.