For entertainment, looking for excitement, or for health. In the 700-year-old history, millions of tourists, including heads of states and emperors took a part in Krakow salt mine tour. We also met the unusual attractions of this place by walking kilometers of tunnels. In the article below I will try to present my impressions after this unusual trip. Check if it’s worth to participate in Krakow salt mine tour! (https://discovercracow.com/blog/salt-mine-what-to-wear/)

Some history of Wieliczka salt mine

The historic Salt Mine in Wieliczka (which is almost a part of Krakow) is the only mining facility in the world, operating continuously from the Middle Ages to the present. Thanks to the Krakow salt mine tour visitors can admire original excavations (sidewalks, ramps, chambers, lakes, shafts) of a total length of about 300 km located on 9 levels, reaching a depth of 327 m, illustrating all stages of mining technology development in particular historical epochs.


How does the Kraków salt mine tour look like?

I heard about Krakow salt mine tour as soon as I arrived in town. I have decided to choose the trip offered by DiscoverCracow. It was a perfect choice – discovercracow.com provided hotel pick up and drop – off, which was a really comfortable solution, and of course an amazing guide who had huge knowledge about the mine, He told us many interesting facts about the salt mine, for example: the highest excavation that tourists can see is the Chamber of Stanislaw Staszic. It measures as much as 36m in height, has entered the history of extreme sports – aviation – and even the Guinness Book of World Records. At this place a very exciting show was held – the first underground balloon flight. But this is not over, there was a bungee jumping in the Wieliczka Salt Mine! I chose a tourist route that lasted about three hours and was about three kilometers long. The guide told us that in order to find ourselves in a mine we had to descend 800 steps to a depth of 135 meters underground. Together with the guide we walked the winding mined corridors. We had to be very careful not to separate from the group because in this mine there are about 300 kilometers of sidewalk and you can get lost without a guide.

During the trip we were able to admire the salt chambers, chapels, salt sculptures and three salt lakes. The guide told us about the hard work of the miners, the history of the mine and its secrets. We heard the legend about princess Kinga and we could admire the chapel dedicated to her. Chapel of St. Kinga is the largest underground temple, located 101 meters underground. Of course, everything in the chapel is made of salt: floor, walls, stairs, altar, sculptures, even chandeliers!