Artsy. Funky. Vibrant. Authentic. Casual. Relaxed.

What do all these words have in common?

They all describe Scenic Highway 30A’s Grayton Beach in Northwest Florida, of course! As the original beach town in South Walton, Grayton Beach is a must-visit for anyone who considers him or herself a beach enthusiast.

Everything about this unique beach town – from the stunning scenery to the laid-back atmosphere – draws visitors from all over the world, and for good reason!

Here are the reasons you need to put Grayton Beach on your bucket list:

Grayton Beach Florida

The Beach

Who doesn’t love the beach? Beaches are practically synonymous with relaxation, and that is exactly what Grayton Beach provides. The beach here is a sunny paradise. It is what you daydream about when you are caged in your work cubicle, watching the hands on the clock tick slowly to quitting time. Grayton Beach boasts immaculate stretches of the softest sand, which greet the smooth emerald waves of the Gulf Coast. The jewel-toned water shimmers brilliantly beneath the tropical sun, making for some impressive and beautiful views. Whether you want to unwind or you are looking for an outdoor adventure, this beach is for you. Stretch out on a beach towel with your toes in the sand and a tropical drink in hand, and enjoy the calming moments offered by the ocean breezes and summer rays. Adventure seekers should take advantage of the countless activities available, including kayaking, paddle boarding, kite surfing, snorkeling, swimming, beach volleyball and frisbee, and the list goes on.

The Town

From the historic village center to the shops of Grayton, it is fun to discover what makes this spirited town unique. The village center embodies the town’s quirky nature, with the lively Chiringo restaurant and shops like the Zoo Gallery and Tribe Kelly Surf Post. Artists feel right at home in this inspiring setting, and you can find art galleries like Modus Photography and the Saczynski Gallery right in town. There are also shops to help you expand your own creativity, from the Shard Shop to Rock Paper Scissors 30A.

Grayton Beach State Park and Western Lake

Grayton Beach State Park is a haven for diverse plants and wildlife. The sugary sand dunes separate the Gulf and Western Lake, which is a type of rare lake that occurs in only a few places worldwide. These are connected by a creek that occasionally opens and closes. According to the article Why This South Walton Beach Town Tops Forbes List, this connection “creates a unique blend of fresh and salt water that supports a huge habitat for fish, wildlife, and indigenous plants.” Visitors and locals alike may enjoy the splendor of this unique environment. Explore the meandering trail through the park, and try to identify the indigenous plants or spot one of the endangered species that has taken refuge in this oasis. Rent a paddle board or canoe and spend time floating along the glass-like surface of Western Lake, or grab your fishing rod and catch some fish.

Grayton Beach Rentals

Besides the beach, shops, and state park, Grayton Beach stands out as a must-visit spot because it has fewer crowds than a typical beach destination and it is pet-friendly. Check out Ocean Reef Resorts for awesome Grayton Beach vacation rentals, and start planning your fun-filled trip to paradise.