Most of my job is spent in classrooms with young boys and girls, discussing they career options. Usually we follow the same kind conversations in the class room in terms of young people looking at jobs which will give them the most success, money and power. Recently however, I have been quite surprised to find that so many young boys and girls are genuinely interested in pursuing a career in education and helping other stop succeed. At the very top of the educational field are college professors and I wanted to know a little more about what kind of skills people would need if they were looking at this as a carer choice.

I spoke to Kevin Rolle Alabama University Executive Vice President and education guru with over 20 years service, about what kind o f skills these professionals need to possess.

Hard Work

There are many jobs in the world that you could say require hard work but college professors really must have a great work ethic when it comes to studying and commitment. Not only must students attain great college degree and then go on to study for a doctorate before they can work in this position, it is only once they start the job that the hard work begins. Expect to spend late nights marking, summers spent planning, days filled with teaching and studying to ensure that your knowledge remains at the highest level.


Although you are teaching students with a higher understanding of education than say high school teachers, this is not to say that everyone will take to your class like ducks to water. For this reason it is important that you are able to observe patience when you are teaching to ensure that your students have the space to take their time with their learning.

Passion For Success

One of the most important skills which a college professor needs to have is the desire for their students to be the best that they can possibly be. With this care and passion you will be able to complete your job in a far better way and you won’t care as much about the work that you have to put in, to help your students achieve.


College lectures aren’t as interactive, or as specific as high school classes and for this reason you must be creative with both your teaching style and the syllabus which you have chosen to teach, in order to maintain your student’s interest. When you teach at such a high level, it can be easy for students to get lost off and it will be your reasonability to make sure that you are as creative as you can be when you are teaching.


As part of the university you are not just a teacher who comes in and leaves again, but instead you will need to play a key role in the fabric of the university. What this means is that you must have a comment awareness in the university and take roles of duty which help the institution run smoothly.