Elderly woman

Affordable living in an assisted living community might seem too expensive if you’ve seen the price tag on other communities near you. However, just because BridgeWater Assisted Living is affordable doesn’t mean that the quality is less than stellar. We aim to give each of our residents an excellent retirement and believe that happy and healthy people make the world a better place.

Our favorite features at our communities are some of our best strengths. We’re one of the friendliest and most affordable assisted living communities in the Phoenix area. We thought we’d help you make a list for when you’re doing your research to look for your new home.

Here are five features you should expect in an affordable assisted living community.

1. Daily Help with the Little Things

Whether you’re in an assisted living or independent living setting, you should still expect housekeeping and laundry services, three chef-prepared meals every day, and general maintenance-free living. No more yard work for you; no more switching light bulbs out of the high light fixtures.

There’s nothing scarier than standing on a ladder or stepstool with no one to support you—and it turns out that these routine tasks can be dangerous as we age. One out of every three seniors falls each year. Every eleven seconds, an older adult is treated in an emergency room for a fall. Fortunately, with our help, that’s something you won’t have to worry about. We’ll do it for you!

If you’re in an assisted living setting, additional services are available: help with bathing and daily grooming, such as getting dressed.

2. Medical Care Close at Hand

Certified nursing assistants are always available to help remind you of any medications you might need, and to assist with minor ailments, such as if you catch a cold. Your own physicians and physical therapists are also welcome to visit you so that you may have doctor’s appointments and physical therapy in the comfort of your own home or in a therapy center in your community.

Of course, if you choose one of the BridgeWater properties as your new home, you’ll also be able to access a revolutionary 24-hour health management system. This is an in-home passive monitoring system that unobtrusively gathers information about our residents’ daily activities, such as sleep habits and toileting.

Alerted to potential problems or simply finding changes in activity patterns, our on-site nurses and care staff can perform prevention measures. Following the measures in your updated care plan can save you a trip to the ER or hospitalization (and can save you some money there too).

3. Find a Focus On Mental Wellness

That includes things to look forward to, including classes, socials, or other gatherings to meet new friends and strengthen connections with old friends. There’s always some sort of event or outing in the works. There may be an exercise class or a day-trip excursion, creative art and music classes, or a shopping trip.

Social connection is important for seniors, leading to a better quality of life and less depression, stress, and anxiety. Seniors who cultivate those social connections will typically have fewer physical health problems as well, and a healthy social network can even act as a disease prevention measure. Residents can expect to remain engaged in life through meaningful activities. Our focus is on our residents, to make sure that they can live life to the fullest.

We can almost hear those introverts out there cringing—don’t worry, all activities are available for everyone, but attendance is entirely up to you. We have excellent libraries and cozy nooks to lose yourself in too, but also many comfortable and stylish common areas where you can spend time with your friends and neighbors. When you’re looking for an affordable assisted living community, make sure you can also engage in local community events and civic affairs or philanthropic projects.

4. Thinking About the Pennies

Sometimes it might seem like affordable living is out of your reach. If you’re on a fixed income, however, there are ways to help ease your financial burden. We’re excited to tell you that BridgeWater Assisted Living communities are designed to be affordable for seniors who might be living off Social Security or pensions. Our community benefits advocates are here for you and your loved ones to determine if they will meet the income requirements and to point out further resources that might be helpful. Many affordable assisted living communities also accept VA pension benefits for those who have served and for the spouses of veterans as well.

Consider also that your bills may shrink when you go into independent or assisted living. You may feel comfortable with giving up your car and the related expenses. Often, staff will happily chauffeur you to wherever you need to go. And instead of paying for a gym membership, you can often exercise in the on-site wellness center. You won’t have to go grocery shopping anymore (unless you want to!).

All other bills, such as utility bills, or if you use our onsite beauty center or movie theatre, are bundled into your monthly payment. Best of all: we don’t charge any community fees or deposits (only a very reasonable application fee).

5. Your Own Familiar Treasures (Including Those with Four Paws!)

When you’re moving to an assisted living community, make sure to ask what might already be provided in the apartment you’re moving to. But you don’t want to bring that big wardrobe if there’s already a built-in closet. Though, you’ll want to have some of the familiar treasures you’ve collected over the years as reminders of experiences and memories. And if you already have a four-pawed companion, be sure to check whether they’re welcome. Many assisted living communities are pet friendly to cats and dogs, and there are many benefits to having a pet with you. Not only can they provide companionship, but they can also boost your mood and keep your brain healthy.

While this is a good list to get you started, we understand if you might have more questions for us. Contact us today and we can answer them for you.