Whale Watching

Whale Watching

The Annual Whale Migration plops down Australia – and Sydney – right at the centre of any nature lover’s travel list! The event begins in May and continues well into December every year.

For your next vacation, book yourself an Oz Whale Watching trip, and come visit Sydney anytime during December to stare in awe at these leviathans!

Don’t visit in the summer because that is when the southern hemisphere whales are still in Antarctica. That is feeding time for the whales as your guide will tell you.

With the changing of the seasons, the amazing creatures will start to travel north. Thus, in autumn, they will continue to feed with the addition of breeding. Come spring, the fascinating mammals will return to the southern waters.

According to the experts, you are most likely to spot the Humpback whale. This is because it is one of the most common species. However common it might be, the Humpback isn’t ordinary at all. Its migratory journey is exceptionally long i.e. 5,000 km and is counted amongst the longest in all mammals. Able to travel much faster, these giants travel at a slow pace during the migration to spare some time for socializing – and gossip!

There are different vantage points for whale watchers along the Sydney coastline. You can also listen to the Humpback song with the help of hydrophones!

Stay Safe

Always remember though that maintaining a safe distance during whale watching is necessary. Your guide will tell you to keep a distance of 30 m or more when in the water. Ensure that the whales are at least that far away from you in all directions.

It is recommended that you maintain a distance of 100 m, if you are on a water vessel. Moreover, in the presence of calves, it is best to increase the distance to 300 m.

When to go

It is best to go whale watching in the months between April-December. This is when the humpback migration begins. You will find the whales travelling to the north and south during the first and last few months, respectively.

If you are looking for good deals when trying to book a whale-spotting cruise, then it is recommended to do so at either the beginning or the ending of the migratory season. This is because whale watching happens to be a popular activity in Australia. If you can’t rearrange your schedule to travel in early April or late December, then you can always enjoy the whales from the shore!

Whales are fascinating animals with intriguing ways of communication with each other. If you see them slapping each other with their fins, it could mean they are warning of danger nearby. When they leave the water and return to it with a splash, they are actually trying to get rid of skin parasites. However, it could simply be the whales having some whale-y fun!