Sports Wear

When the weather is hot and humid, many of us have experienced sweat pouring down our body, leaving wet and sweaty marks on our clothing. It can be very unsightly and unpleasant especially if we are wearing plain colour clothing. Our underwear will be soaking wet especially after a workout in the park or in the gym. Some people tend to sweat more than others. If we are not wearing highly absorbent underwear or panty, the sweat will be very obvious and will make us look like we have leaked or wet our pants.

When we go for our workouts, it is advisable to bring along an extra set of clothing for us to change into them after our workouts. If we continue to wear the sweat soaked clothing and underwear, the humidity will encourage bacteria and fungus and affect our skin especially those private parts that are covered and kept damp. That is how some of the skin problem starts.

During hot and humid weather and especially during workouts, it is good especially for sportswomen to wear highly absorbent underwear to absorb the excessive sweat to keep the skin dry. Germs, bacteria, and fungus breed in places that are damp and warm. Some do not wear any underwear at all during their workouts, but not many are comfortable about not wearing any underwear.

Some like to wear 100 % cotton underwear. These may be thin and breathable but they are not very effective in absorbing excessive sweat. These days, there are underwear that are specifically designed and manufactured for sportsmen and sportswomen. Even ordinary people who sweat excessively wear them too. You can find these good quality highly absorbent underwear online such as the Good People website.

Sportswomen are advised to wear good quality sports bra for support and comfort. Sports bra should be of good fit without being overly tight. There are sports bra offering different levels of support depending on your type of sports such as low, medium and high impact sports. For hygienic underwear, always choose underwear that are made of moisture-wicking materials to keep your skin clean and dry. Avoid materials that may cause irritation and chaffing of your skin.