An all-terrain vehicle, ATV or also a quad is a vehicle with four wheels mainly designed for used on different types of terrain but mostly on rough roads. Maybe you’ve seen one or heard about one and are interested in getting one someday to ride on whatever you please. ATV’s live up to its title as “All-Terrain” since it can be used on surfaces with snow, mud, dirt, and even ice. Think of an ATV as a hybrid between a motorcycle, a truck perhaps, and add on the fact that it’s easy to use – you got yourself an ATV.

That’s only a sneak peek of what an ATV is though. The real fun part is owning and riding one and even customizing one. An ATV, although dubbed “All-Terrain” of course requires different parts for it to actually be optimal for different types of terrain. When thinking of the perfect parts for your ATV, keep in mind that every rider may have his or her own preference at the end of the day. What may satisfy others may not satisfy you when it comes to ATV parts. But nonetheless, here are a few parts that you might need to look into if you’re thinking of upgrading the performance or the looks of your ATV.


The tires on your ATV are actually what make them all-terrain. Some stock tires you see when you buy your ATV are actually made to be all-purpose and all-terrain but they are not made for extreme conditions like being on sand or ice so if you opt to ride your ATV on those types of surfaces, it might be a really good idea to invest on these tires. Also keep in mind that the tires contribute a huge amount when it comes to ride stability. Tires are the ones making contact on whatever surface you’re riding on and tires in poor condition may risk your safety. Know what the best ATV tires are for your preference.


You always want to make sure you’re safe when riding an ATV. Imagine being on a steep cliff while riding one and you have to slow down to avoid falling from where you’re riding. Thoughts like “what if the brakes fail and I can’t slow down the ATV”? Come into mind in situations like these. Always make sure the brake system is working and if not consider getting it repaired or getting new parts.


The greatest contribution or upgrade to power for your ATV is to of course, upgrade the exhaust system. If you’re looking for more power when it comes to racing your ATV or just simply more pushing force for the rough terrain you’ll be riding on, consider getting an exhaust upgrade from a manufacturer than you can trust. Keep in mind that although some exhaust systems make your ATV sound louder, these do not exactly mean that your ATV will go any faster or perform more.

Aesthetic Looks

To many, ATV’s are like a jewel. When customizing your ATV, you want to make it look as aesthetically pleasing for yourself, not others. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and at the end of the day you want to settle for an ATV that satisfies your tastes. Be it the paint job or the decals you put on it. The ATV is your canvas and it will reflect you in one way or another.