Travel Tips for the Philippines

Have you ever felt excited to travel to a certain destination and then arrive in disappointment? In order for you to avoid those kinds of moments, we round up this list to show you the top 8 tourist traps in the Philippines that newbie travelers should avoid:

Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is probably the worst tourist trap in the Philippines. It might have been internationally acclaimed as the “world’s best island” but right now the place doesn’t live up to the title. Because of the rise of many buildings in the island, the amount of garbage also increases. Many infrastructures such as fast-food restaurants, hotels, and other commercial buildings, were also built in the island. If you are looking for a place to enjoy, and feel calm then this is not the place for you. Day and night, the beaches are filled with lots of people which might not be a really great place for you to relax.

Beware of pick-pocket thieves

If you plan to backpack the Philippines, make sure that you are mindful of your belongings. Theft crimes are very rampant nowadays, and it is very important for you to take of your stuffy everywhere you go.

Over-priced goods

People will try to sell you over-priced goods. People would think that foreigners are easy target so they would offer you things that are two or three times higher than the actual price. Often times they wouldn’t even eave your side until you buy something from these vendors.


There are some taxis who would try to benefit from you especially if you look like you don’t know anything about where you are going. One thing to keep in mind when you are traveling is that you must not look like you are not unfamiliar with the place, because chances are people would take advantage from you.

Crossing the Street

There might be lots of pedestrian lanes in the Philippines; however, vehicle drivers do not even consider following that rule. Most of the times you have to wait until there are only a few cars before you cross the road. Even signaling the driver to stop does not work so you have to be patient.

Do not drink water from the faucet

Tap water in the Philippines is very different from the tap water in the United States. Water from the faucet here in the Philippines is not potable.

Do not flaunt your money

You do not have to flash your cash, your jewelry, or anything that will make people think that you are rich. The more you do that, the more thieves will make you as their next target.

Stay indoors at night

As much as possible, you have to stay indoors at night. It’s so much better to avoid roaming around at night because that’s when criminals look for their prey.

Philippines is a great place to explore and enjoy, just remember to avoid these tourist traps and you’ll do just fine!