A lot of college graduates consider going to law school. This was also true for Peter Howe. For Peter Howe Michigan was always going to be his home state. He knew which school he wanted to get into and dedicated himself to that. This is also what showed him just how complex the process of getting into law school actually is. Contrary to what Peter Howe, and most other people, believed, it was about a lot more than sitting and passing the LSAT examination with a good result. Rather, it seems that law schools handpick their candidates, looking for those who are what they class to be the “right kind” of person, who can show that they will be fully dedicated to their program while they are in school. Law school is serious and they want to make sure prospective students understand this.

Peter Howe Michigan on Getting into Law School

Naturally, the LSAT is an important examination to pass. What you studied at undergraduate level, however, is also very important. More so, however, your grades matter, so make sure that you can provide a transcript that you can be proud of. Focus on getting good grades and make sure that you are in good standing with your dean and teachers. This is because most law schools will not just want to see transcripts with a significant minimum GPA, they also want to see academic letters of recommendation. Do also make sure, therefore, that you express that you want to go to law school during your undergraduate degree, as this will get mentioned in your letter of recommendation.

Not everybody wants to go to law school in Michigan. Indeed, choosing the school that you like is a huge issue. Hence, Peter Howe recommends that people make a shortlist of their favorite schools. In fact, even if they know exactly which school they want to go to, they should have this list together just in case they do not get in. Applying for multiple schools is always a good idea, as it will increase your chances of being accepted somewhere. But don’t just apply for every school you come across. Make sure they are all educational establishments that you would want to go to.

The final thing that admission councils in law school look for, is an excellent resume. They want to make sure that their students have already done quite a number of hours of volunteering in the community, and, preferably, that they have completed internships. Any other employment and education should also be listed on the resume. Lawyers have to always do community work, so demonstrating that you have experience in this is always a good thing.

Once you have all these documents and pieces of information together, you will be ready to go to school. Completing law school is a three year process, which most people feel absolutely flies by. Hence, make sure that you enjoy your time as well, as it won’t be long until you are a fully qualified lawyer.