The hemp industry is one of the oldest on earth. In fact, some 10,000 years ago, it first started to be used in potter. Real hemp is grown to have low THC (cannabinoid) levels, as it is grown for industrial properties. However, more and more, it is used in a variety of different products, from cannabutter to paint varnish, and from textiles to fuel.

Hemp oil has high concentrations of Omega 3 ad 6. It can be used topically, providing lots of health benefits. Research has shown that doing so helps with the body’s natural regenerative properties. It restores the skin as well as moisturizing it, and this is why it is now commonly found in cosmetic products as well. So what are some of the hemp products we can purchase today?

1. Hemp Hand Protector

This is a non-intoxicating product that is therefore 100% safe to use. You rub it into your hands, where it is absorbed into the skin, creating a protective barrier against environmental pollutants. It works on any skin type and people have noticed benefits almost instantly, finding their skin has become softer, suppler, and more moisturized.

2. Hemp Body Butter

Hemp body butter can be purchased as a simple body butter, which is not edible, or you can make it yourself out of edible cannabutter. You could, for instance, add a few coffee grinds to help remove the dead skin cells, healing it instead. Cannabutter, meanwhile, can be used for various other things as well, including baking. In fact, this is why it is now available through marijuana dispensaries.

3. Hemp Lip Conditioner

Hemp lip conditioner, unless purchased through a medical marijuana dispensary, is also non-intoxication. It is designed to help sooth dry lips, creating a protective film. Most people find that it stays on better than lipstick, with the film staying in place even after having a drink. Generally, a good quality lip conditioner only has to be applied twice a day.

Interestingly, before medical marijuana dispensaries became widely accepted, hemp products were seen as bad for people, even if they couldn’t be smoked or consumed and, if they did, wouldn’t have any effect. In 1998, the then Home Office minister of the United Kingdom even said that these types of products were making a mockery out of taking drugs. Today, however, we know that marijuana as a whole has medicinal benefits and that it is virtually impossible to get high by using hemp products. Naturally, cannabutter does have active THC and other psychoactive substances in it, but that is precisely why it can only be obtained through medical dispensaries.

The fact that the hemp plant and cannabis as a whole, have fantastic health benefits is no longer a secret. Whether they are applied topically, ingested, smoked, or vaporized, they help people feel much better, particularly those with quite significant health problems. That is something that should be applauded, because it demonstrates that Mother Nature knows exactly what is best for us.