There are cat people, turtle people, bird people and snake people and each of them have a true love for their animals. But there are no animal lovers quite like dog people. Dog people are a different breed.

They spend inordinate amounts of time with their pets and integrate them completely into their families. Some spend so much time with their canines that it is said they begin look like each other. Whether this is true or just an optical illusion, it highlights that dog lovers are unique.

How they got this way might be difficult to figure out. It may be genetic or perhaps how they grew up. Most dog people had dogs when they were small and these dogs left an indelible mark on them. What is less of a mystery is why dog people love their dogs. If you ask them they will give lots of great reasons. Below are some of the ones most often mentioned.


You can interact with a dog in way that are unique for most pets. You can chase you dog, have your dog chase you, play Frisbee or catch and even watersports with your puppy. Dogs understand that it is all fun and games and they love to play.

You can also dress up your dog. They love to be put in cute outfits that show off their good looks and personality. In fact dog fashion designers like Susan Lanci specialize in creating dog outfits that are comfortable and stylish. You can dress your dog casually or in formal attire and mix and match clothing with collars, bows and leashes to create dozens of outfits. And the best part is that dogs love it. Try doing that with a pet frog.

Unconditional Love

It does not matter what type of person you are or what you did, when your dog loves you, it is true and unrelenting love. Dogs latch onto their masters in a way that is almost unnatural for a pet. Yes some cats will lick you and even cuddle a bit and a bird can sit on your shoulder, but a dog will sit with you, cuddle with you. Follow you around the house, eat with you, watch Netflix with you and accompany you to the store. And never complain the entire time. This unconditional love provides great comfort to owners and lets them know that dogs are truly a special pet.

True Loyalty

Dogs are known for their fierce loyalty. There are many stories of dogs watching over their owners when they were injured, seeking help for their owners when they were trapped and even staying by their grave sides after the owner died. This level of loyalty is unique to dogs. In fact you would never expect this of a turtle or a snake, but if someone told you this about a Cocker Spaniel, you would not be surprised. Dogs thrive on loyalty and when they are loyal to you, it is something you can always count on.


No matter what their size a dog will always try and protect their owner. Dogs have a natural instinct for this and are happy to exhibit it when needed. Dogs can also be trained to be ideal guard dogs for an entire family. Some breeds make wonderful guard dogs and police use dogs, not retiles or fish to apprehend dangerous animals.