Small to medium enterprises (SME) have it rough at times. They do not bring in enough income to afford a great location with beautiful views and a beautiful office, but they do handle clients that they want to impress and keep as lifelong customers. It is difficult to impress a client when you are not in the business district when your window faces a brick wall, and your internet is slow. However, what can you do?

There are virtual office solutions that include executive suites that would work perfectly for an SME business. They would not have to spend a fortune to impress their clients, and they can start to expand and grow which is the goal.

Keep reading and you will be informed of the top six benefits of using executive suites as a SME.


One of the most important parts of business and how well you do is the location of your business. No one wants to drive miles out of their way to an unpopular part of the city. The business district is where you want to be as a new SME. This option is affordable and innovative for small business owners, new start-ups, and SME companies.

Servcorp offers professional executive suites as well as other virtual business services that can assist you in your business needs and give you the perfect location you are looking for. Many five star locales are offered in the United States including New York, Chicago, and Boston.

IT Network

By choosing to lease an executive suite rather than a traditional office space, you will not have to set up or worry about the internet service. You will receive quick setup that allows you to start working and becoming productive the next day after the installation and hook up was performed. You will have exceptional uploading times at 99.9%, as Servcorp is the IT Network and internet service provider. You will enjoy fiber-based tier one managed internet as well as dedicated bandwidth and Cisco voice network to assist you in completing all your clients’ wants and needs.

Flexible Leases

By choosing to lease an executive suite rather than a traditional office space, you will be saving hundreds to thousands of dollars each month. A traditional lease usually wants you to sign a contract for 24 months at a time. As a SME, this is challenging because you do not make enough in profits to have such a large expense.

Due to this, you may have to take out a business loan, which is not something you want to have to do. Instead, look into virtual office solutions of executive suites. These suites can be rented for a month term if needed and only require a one-month security deposit. That is very different from the 2-year lease and security deposit on a traditional office space.

Exceptional Furnishings

Another excellent benefit of using an executive suite for your business space is the exceptional and high-end furnishings you will gain. Finishes such as granite and marble flooring, leather chairs and sofas, as well as crystal and high-end artwork will adorn your new office. In addition, your office will be fully functional with ready to use office equipment that you do not have to purchase!


Along with the Servcorp package you select, you will receive a local telephone number for the major hub you work and live in. It will be readily available for you to start using immediately. In addition, you will also be given a dedicated receptionist that will answer your calls for you, forward them where they need to go, or take a message to be delivered to you.

You will never have to worry about missing a phone call, as each call will be answered. You receptionist will also give you a great image as guests walk in and are greeted with free beverages of coffee and tea as they wait.


The final excellent benefit of an executive suite is the staff and support you will receive. Not only will you receive a dedicated receptionist for the telephones, but you will also encounter two to three Servcorp staff members that are present to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. In addition, you will not have to worry about package and mail delivery, as you will also gain individuals who act as couriers to send and receive your deliveries on a daily basis.

Why are Executive Suites an Advantage for SMEs?

SMEs are small and medium businesses that are well on their way but have not reached full growth and expansion yet. They still need much financing and cannot afford high rental prices. Because of this, they need to be smart about their money and use alternatives that are both innovative and modern to assist their company to expand while using minimal expenditures.

Whether you are looking for a superior location, a highly rated IT network, a flexible lease, excellent amenities and upgrades, a top-notch telecommunications system, or additional staff for assistance, you will gain all of the above and more with executive suites within your virtual office space!