Rain maybe fun to play in and relaxing to watch, but not everything we enjoy is always good for us. Rainy seasons are usually the seasons that most people find themselves sick at one point or another. Here’s why the rain seems to always rain on our parade. Literally.

1. Cough/Flu Season

During rainy seasons is when most of the common illnesses break out, like the cold and flu, and this is usually caused by people coughing and sneezing near you. Influenza Virus or what is commonly known as “flu”, spreads rapidly during times like this because of the cold air. Flu can range from mild to severe which can include high fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle pain, and many more.

2. Up and down

Another reason is due to the fluctuation of the temperature. This is when the temperature rises and drops. Research says that our body is sensitive to the shifts in the weather, which our body reacts correspondingly to the temperature.

3. Contaminate and dominate

During rainy seasons is usually when most of our water that we use to clean, bathe and even drink get contaminated by different types of bacteria from different types of animals, which can cause leptospirosis, cholera and etc. For example, leptospirosis which normally came from a rat’s urine can be really dangerous and deadly for us humans once it enters our system.

4. Practice dirty deeds

One of the reasons why we get sick during rainy seasons is because we do not practice cleanliness. During these seasons, bacteria are very, very active. They spread faster than the usual which is why it is necessary to prioritize our hygiene. Not practicing cleanliness during this period can put you in grave danger.

Some ways of preventing these illnesses is by first, always wash your hands, because you might never know the types of bacteria that a single door knob can hold. Secondly, avoid crowded place. The lesser the people, the lesser the chances are of you getting coughed on. Third, wear a mask. It may be annoying and hot to wear one, but that small piece of material may actually save your life. Next, practice cleanliness. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Instead of putting yourself at risk, you must treat your body as if it’s a valuable treasure. Last but definitely not the least, make sure that you protect yourself from harm by using rain boots, an umbrella, coat, or anything that can protect or shield you from the elements. These things are really essential in keeping yourself healthy.

The rainy seasons may be the best time for snuggling up in your blankets, but never forget that everything has its ups and downs. Prioritize health all the time because like they always say “Health is wealth”.