Flight Tips

When looking at travelling internationally, whether it be for a holiday or to take a gap year, the flight can be off-putting. International flights can be expensive but there are ways in which you can get a better deal, as long as you know how. Instead of having to save up extra cash for a flight, get travelling faster with these tips on how to save money on your next international flight.

Be Flexible

If you can change your departure days or times you can save quite a bit of cash. Travelling at unsociable hours, although a pain to get up at 2AM, is the best time to get cheaper deals as most people want to travel in the morning or evening. The cheapest day to fly internationally whether coming or going, is Wednesday.

Consider an Alternative Airport

Although you may live in a big city with an airport close by it may cost more money to fly from here. It may be worth spending extra money on a train or coach and travelling to a different airport, it could work out much cheaper. It stands to reason that the airports that are getting less custom will drop their rates to attract flyers to use their airlines. Booking in advance with The Trainline, you can get to many airport destinations at a great rate. Also take into consideration parking fees, it is probably cheaper to use public transport.

Use Comparison Sites

Checking with different airline companies is the best way to save cash. There may be some airlines that you have not heard of and therefore wouldn’t find without the help of the internet and price comparison websites. There are flights from every destination such as Pune to Dubai Flight tickets at low price. You can check times and dates to see how you can get the best price.

Travel During Off-Peak

With children this can be hard but if you can, off-peak is always best. If you can be flexible with this do not travel during any school holidays. If you are unsure of when these are it is best to check online first to ensure you start planning around these and can take time off work in advance. International flights are cheaper during off-peak as are hotels as they do not sell as well.


Do not wait until the day of your flight to purchase any add-ons. Take this into account when looking at different airlines, some can charge a fortune! If you are flying internationally, chances are you are probably going to want an in-flight meal or you’ll end up chewing your arm off before you land. You may even be charged for seat selection so consider all of these before you book. Use a notebook to write everything down so you can see which is the cheapest airline to use.

Following these steps may take longer to book your flight but the extra time and effort could save you a lot of cash. Do not book on a whim, search around for the best price. An airline may promise you the best deals but that doesn’t mean it is true!