Sleep and Rest

Sleeping has its positive and negative effects. Getting an adequate amount of sleep is always a great help towards health and towards your behavior. Too much of it though can have bad effects and might counter the positive effects it brings.

Here are 9 reasons why you should get enough sleep and rest.

1. Less Sleep, More Fat

The lesser amount of sleep we get each night, the fatter we become. When we stay up late our bodies react towards this habit and bring effects like having slower metabolism thus making it harder to burn fat.

2. When You Stay Up Late You Eat More

When you stay up late, the body tends to crave for oily and salty food like chips or fried food and this can lead to unhealthy eating habits or pesky midnight snacks that can lead to you getting fat and unhealthy.

3. Higher Risk of Acne

Studies show that people who sleep later at night or get less sleep tend to gain more acne, especially around the forehead area. So, better sleep early to avoid any unwanted visitors on your face.

4. More Active

Research says that enough sleep and rest can make the person have more energy and make them more active, because sleeping helps prepare the brain for the next day. This also keeps it healthy since sleep frees the brain from free radicals.

5. More Focused

People with more sleep tend to be more focused than people with less sleep. Because people with less sleep get distracted most of the time and their attention isn’t as sharp as those who have gotten 8 hours of sleep the previous night.

6. Higher Risk of Health Problems

When a person is sleep deprived, this increases their risk of getting diseases and getting sick. There are some cases you might experience stroke from constantly staying up very late and being tired the next day.

7. Essential for Growth

Teens undergoing puberty have a higher need for sleep since this aid in the growing process and it is usually the time when they develop changes and grow taller. It also makes sure they have enough energy for their active lifestyle in school or in sports.

8. Healthier Mind

People tend to remember more things when they get an adequate amount of rest. This is because when our minds are rested we can think clearer and we don’t stress out ourselves too much and get too anxious, which is also a bad thing and also unhealthy.

9. Live Longer

Studies show that people live longer lives when they sleep better or have enough sleep, because they have lesser risk for heart disease and other body problems, and because it makes them more alert to what is happening around them.

People tend to take sleep and rest too lightly, they are not strict nor don’t sometimes care about their sleeping habits. They don’t think that sleep isn’t important in our daily lives, when in fact it is as important as food and water in our lives.