I have been playing about with photography as a hobby for many years now and it wasn’t until last year that I decided that I would start to take things a little more seriously. I got in touch with a friend of mine, Radha Singh NJ resident like myself and professional photographer to find ways in which I could help to improve my photography. Since using the tips that my friend has given me, my photography has come on leaps and bounds and I wanted to share with you some of the things that I have been doing to improve my skills, in the hope that you can do the same.

Let Inspiration Find You

What I used to do was take my camera out once a week in the hope of spotting something that inspired my to take a shot. My friend however, suggested that instead of this approach, I carried my camera with my everywhere that I went so that I would be ready when the moment arrived. This was a wonderful piece of advice that I received and advice which has helped me to take some great action shots that I could never have taken had I not followed his advice.

Getting The Colors Just Right

When it comes to colors, I have learned that there is a wide range of filters and settings which I need to use in order to get the very best out of a particular color. In order to get better at taking photos of various colors, I used to give each day a color and focus on those shots only. For example, if Monday is blue day, I would go out and take shots of blue cars, the sea, the sky and whatever other blue objects I could find. After just a few weeks of employing this strategy, I quickly learned just how to set my camera up so that I could snap colors in the best way possible.

Using Online Tips

The internet is absolutely filled with information, tutorials and guides on how to take better photos and if you want to improve then don’t hesitate to use it. I regularly follow tutorial videos on YouTube and they have significantly helped me to improve my photography skills. The tutorials range from the very basic to the highly skilled and there is something on here for everyone.

Pick a Discipline

If you really want to improve your photography skills then you should focus on a particular discipline and stick with it until you become great at it. Being a master of all trades in photography is not going to help you improve greatly and whether you decide that nature scenes, action shots or character-based photography is your thing, make the decision and work hard to perfect it.

The key to improving your photography skills is to practice as much as you can and always carry your camera with you.