Being wedding photographer can be a great way to earn some extra money for anyone who is handy around a camera, some people even make a career out of it like Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida resident like myself and a full time wedding photographer. With this being said, being a wedding photographer, as with most things is not without its pitfalls and there are some problems which every wedding snapper will know all too well.

Getting Started

Getting started as a wedding photographer is pretty difficult as the real work comes once you have a bit of experience behind you and word gets around. Until you reach that point however, you will have to beg, borrow and steal as many weddings as you possibly can, during this time money is spontaneous and the effort is huge.


When I first started taking photos at weddings, I kind of figured that I would show up, snap the happy couple and then head home for the evening and develop the next day, how wrong I was. The workload for a wedding is actually huge and you not only need to spend the majority of your day at the wedding, you will then need to sift through the 3000 photos that you have taken and pick the best ones to present to the happy couple. The development process takes days and the amount of time a job like this consumes is simply incredible.

Balancing Part Time

Many people get into wedding photography to boost their income on the side and whilst you can absolutely do this, finding a balance between the two is very tough. As any photographer who has done this will know, Monday morning becomes an absolute nightmare as you are starting your week at on job whilst still finishing off the details from the weekend work. Splitting yourself in two like this is not for everyone and you need to be prepared to put in some real work if you want to be a wedding photographer.

Pleasing Everyone

Without question, the biggest problem which every wedding photographer has on a weekly basis is trying to keep everyone happy with their shots. The thing with a wedding is that it is not only the happy couple that you are trying to please, the bridesmaids, mothers and other family members love nothing more than giving you recommendations for how your shots should be taken. Pleasing everyone is practically impossible and you have to accept that you are unlikely to do it, as difficult as it may be.

Finding a Style

People love nothing more than telling you that you must find your own style in order to be a successful wedding photographer. Whilst this may be absolutely true, actually doing it is not something that is easy by any stretch of the imagination. In order to find your own style it takes a lot of trial and error, and it can be very tricky to actually nail down a particular style for your shots.