There is no worse pain you’ll feel than your back muscles locking up in unison. The extreme agony you’ll feel has no direct cause – months or even years of poor back posture and stressful movements can misalign and damage your back until one day, an innocuous movement triggers your back muscles to lock up like a rock.

As terrible as this condition feels, there are ways to come back from it and to prevent another episode from occurring.

Let’s delve into them in the article below.

Get a mattress firm enough to support your back properly

Much of our lives are spend in bed, so if you are looking for back pain triggers, it helps to start by examining the mattress you sleep on every night.

If you are unsatisfied with it, chances are good you’ve read a number of Nectar Bed Reviews with great interest.

As you might expect, many experts have lauded memory foam mattresses like the Nectar for being particularly effective in helping to promote proper spine alignment.

Accomplished by the firmness of memory foam when it is in a full state of compression, it can help to prevent the degradation of back health which soft beds do nothing to stop.

With truly hard beds being too uncomfortable and unsuitable for side sleepers, memory foam is a great middle ground between the two extremes.

Keep sitting postures to a minimum

There are many postures we assume throughout the course of an average day, but of them all, the innocuous act of sitting is by far the worst for your back.

Even if you assume what is typically considered to be a good sitting posture, your spine gets placed under 40% more stress than those who stand up to do similar tasks.

This fact alone makes an excellent argument for the move to a sit-stand arrangement as soon as possible, as it will do far less damage to your spine.

Get moving

It takes more than optimal postures to improve back health. In addition to this, you should move around whenever you get a chance to do so during the day.

This is especially true when you are laid up with a serious episode of back pain. Despite what your body is telling you, moving around will allow blood to circulate through your body more effectively, delivering nutrients and carrying away waste from the injury site quicker.

When you are well, this action ensures the muscles and ligaments in your spinal column are well supplied with the supplies they need to stay healthy.

Improve your diet

For some, understanding how the food you eat can impact something as disparate as a back injury can be tough, but stay with us on this one – we’ll explain.

When you eat a meal, it contains all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed to keep your body running well. Do this, and all systems will run optimally, and life will be a grand affair.

However, for those who primarily consume empty calories (mostly white carbs), the lack of substance within them will cause the body to run into deficiency issues before long.

Not only will the muscles of the back be weakened by a lack of what they need, carbs circulating in high amounts can cause inflammation in muscles and other body structures. This will inevitably put pressure on nerves and push things out of alignment, causing and exacerbating pain.

Eating a balanced diet filled with vegetables, lean meats, and healthy fats will help to remedy this issue. Dedicate yourself to this, and noticeable results should start showing up in a matter of months.