Online Shopping

The lyst was launched in 2010 in London. It is a global search engine for fashion related items and products. Lyst helps you keep updated with all the latest trends in the fashion. Since its inception it has created new standards for fashion for various brands like Burberry, Valentino and Harrods. In 2013 Lyst has become one of the top fifty future fashion company. Lyst provides you with a platform which enables you to choose many different fashion websites under one place which has a universal shopping cart.

It has derived new partnerships with different e-commerce companies and had started new venture with papal and beacon. Some of the efficient features which the lyst offers is that it provides you with location specific alerts. These alerts provide you latest fashion trends best deals nearby to your vicinity.

This move from e-commerce to the physical market is not new but certainly not everyone can achieve it. Lyst as of today partners with the best retailers in clothing and fashion and provides you distinct products all across the globe. It gives you multiple options for payment as well as delivery there are promotional offers also which will give you the best buy.


Brand and Stores

As you know lyst is a global fashion search engine with almost more than 70 million people using it every year. There are more than 4 million products of fashion accessories available through it. It connects the top leading fashion store to the online experience for the customer disposal. Lyst not only offers you best fashion goods but the best deals when it comes to pricing. It provides you with the biggest luxury fashion inventory available online.


Lyst is a sort of technology platform which enables all the fashion users to find the right and best item for themselves. It provides you clothing and other items in right size and cheap prices. It is home for the millions of consumers globally who chooses out of millions of products from the leading fashion trends and stores, it provides customer a more better buying experience as it offers a wide range in variety and colours of the product.

Lyst has small efficient self-deployable teams which has specific priorities for customer related queries. This small team structure helps the lyst to maintain discipline and deliver its goal efficiently. There is a working incentive scheme for the employees who work efficiently will get these incentive and bonuses. This is good to boost the moral of the employees.

How Lyst is different?

Lyst if very distinct from many other online fashion retailers. It offers you one of the greatest designer and store under one place. We use advanced and user intuitive technology to create the beat shopping experience for our customer. It helps you choose and discover new fashion trends and helps you choose what suits you the most. It also gives you the opportunity to have your hands on one of the latest trends and design from anyone else.