In any land or country, the law is a vast system of rules and regulations that the citizens of the land see as supreme and are willing to be governed by. This system can be broken into parts. For the beginner looking for initial understanding, here are seven different types of law.

Business Law

Often refereed to as the Law of Commerce or Trade Law, Business Law refers to the broad body of laws that govern the ways by which a business can be founded and operated, and how that business can interact with other businesses and its environment. By and large, the range of Business Law can be broken into the regulation of association, enterprise, bankruptcy, agency and contracts.

Property and Conveyancing

The ability to own property, its proper usage and the circumstances by which said property can be transferred from one party to another are areas covered under the laws of Property and Conveyancing. This legal area is where people look to when they wish to buy a house or put one up for rent, or are looking to settle a dispute regarding the ownership of their property.

Criminal Law

The body of law which oversees the existence of crime is known as Criminal Law. Criminal law sets a guideline by which actions of members of society which could threaten or actually harm other members of society can be properly addressed and discouraged. These laws are usually enforced by the police and when members of society break these laws, there are often steep consequences.

Debt Recovery and Litigation

Whether in business or in personal life, individuals do favors for each other by giving themselves loans for different reasons. Sometimes the borrowers refuse to return the borrowed sum to the lender as agreed, and the resultant discord will need legal resolution. Debt Recovery and Litigation provides lenders with a channel to resort to when all attempts to recover their borrowed funds fail.

Family Law

There are bonds that keep a family together, and laws guiding the dissolution of a family or the resolution of difficult problems within a family. Family Law deals with family related challenges like marriage and divorce, child adoption and custody, alimony and child support as well as other issues like domestic abuse and emancipation.

Traffic Law

Once upon a time, the only form of transportation human beings had was their two legs. However, there are many different forms of transportation including cars, bicycles, animals and more. Traffic laws govern the way all these forms of transportation are used and also regulates the people who are allowed to use them.

Will & Estates

While in life, we may be able to properly administer our properties and possessions, it becomes a little difficult to do that when we die. Because of this, people who wish for their property to be administered in a certain way leave wills or testaments behind. These documents are supported under the laws of Will & Estates, and lawyers are often intrinsic to the process of creating and executing them.

The types of law listed above are just a few in the vast field of law practice. If there is a legal case relating to the above that you need help with, there are capable professionals that can be of assistance. To find out more, click here.