The best way to relax on your vacation is to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and go travelling to explore the wonders that nature has to offer. Here are five holidays which will get you back to nature.


Scotland is filled with mysterious and magical scenery that will leave you breathless. Take a trip to Isle of Skye where you can see The Fairy Pools, waterfalls that pass through naturally carved rocks, and go for a swim. Journey to Fingal’s Cave on the Isle of Staffe and see this amazing basalt rock formation that is 227 feet high. Visit the archipelago of St Kilda which is nicknamed ‘the islands on the edge of the world’.

It was abandoned in the 1930’s and visitors can still see the abandoned houses which have remained untouched for the past 80 years. Lukentyr Beach is on the Isle of Harris and is one of the most spectacular beaches with white sand stunning green and blue water. Take a trip to Cairngorms National Park where you can see the vast, dense forest and the beautiful mountain ranges. There are plenty of holiday homes throughout Scotland where you can enjoy being surrounded by nature and enjoying incredible views all day long.

New Zealand

New Zealand is filled with many beautiful areas and the best way to get around is to rent a car as there can be quite a distance between them. Use Queenstown as a base and you can make a series of stunning day trip. Visit the stunning lightning bolt shaped Lake Wakatipu. Drive north for approximately four hours and you will reach the Fox Glacier area where you can explore the glacier, and the Fox Glacier caves. Milford Sound is a stunning Fjord that is less than four hours northwest of Queenstown.


Tibet is filled with stunning natural beauty and a holiday here is a great way to get back to nature. Namtso Lake is the second largest salt water lake in China and the name means ‘Heaven Lake’. It is surrounded by giant snow covered mountains and clear blue skies. Visit Yangbajing Hot Springs and see this geothermal marvel. Take a trip to the Lulang Forest, a luscious green meadow that is filled and stunning forested areas that is surrounded by mountains and glaciers.


Switzerland is a stunning country that is filled with many spectacular sights of nature. Take the gondola up to Oeschinensee, a horse shoe shaped lake with turquoise water located at an elevation of 1578m. Rhine falls are the largest waterfalls in Switzerland and you can view them from a sight above the falls or view them from a boat ride below. Take a cable car up to Aletsch Glacier, the largest glacier in the Alps. Explore Lauterbrunnen Valley that has distinctive U shaped cliffs on either side of it and is home to 72 high waterfalls.


Spain is a fabulous place for natural scenery and there are many places to explore. Travel along the coast of Spain and visit the many stunning beaches. Head up north to see Picos de Europa Mountains which are on the north coast of Spain where there are scenic views beautiful forests that are home to Cantabrian Brown Bear and wolves. Drive through the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the highest point on the mainland, and explore Almeria and Granada. Visit the Parque Nacional de Arribes del Duero where the river Duero separates and Spain from Portugal.