Many companies have realized the business potential of using crowdsourcing and using crowdsourcing software. Crowdsourcing can bring people together online and there are no geographical constraints to stop this from happening. It can offer innovative ways to get customers involved in both production and promotion processes. Untapped talent that may be located a great distance away can be accessed via this medium. As crowdsourcing most often occurs through social media, businesses can gain an insight into what consumers are interested in and talking about. Many companies both large and small have recognized the positives of using their greatest asset, their customers, to test new ideas. By working out what people like before it is put onto the market, helps minimize the risk of a product failing.

Who uses crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is used by a vast number of different businesses, companies and even by educational institutions.

Educational uses

One example of the use of crowdsourcing and using crowdsourcing software is a program set up by the University of Texas at Austin. Here, for seven years students have been encouraged via the program to join together and work together on a series of ideas that have potentially world-changing possibilities. To make it even more popular it initially took the form of a contest with a huge prize fund for the winner. There are examples where schools with quite young children have used crowdsourcing, for example one school created a ‘dream machine’ and their designs were vetted by design students from another institution.

Fashion design

Some fashion companies have utilized crowdsourcing by using it to let their customers decide which of their designs will go from sample to retail. Designers can put examples of their designs in photo form on their website and users can support the items they prefer. A facility for customers to converse with designer is also offered through social media tools. By doing this fashion designers can be surer of launching successful clothing lines because of prior positive input from customers.

Maps and traffic information

Being stuck in a traffic jam means that people have some unexpected free time, this opportunity has been utilized by such as Waze. Waze gets traffic users to report any traffic problems to other drivers via an app. It also has the capacity to add map and traffic information to allow other users in the area to avoid problematic or slow-moving routes.

Recruitment companies

Crowdsourcing enables recruitment companies access to a huge pool of potential candidates with a wide range of talents. Lots of professionals have a presence on many social media sites and recruitment companies may only be able to get to several of these profiles, however, crowdsourcing is able to canvass the entire web for information.

The benefits of using crowdsourcing and crowdsourcing software are potentially immense. If you, your company, business or institution have not tapped into this potentially positive aid to promoting, developing and expanding your opportunities, perhaps you need to act now.