Nothing says you will be friends forever like coordinating outfits with your friends. It’s a bit silly in some ways, but if you can think of spending time in the same clothes, looking the exact same as your friends, then you know that your friendship is solid. Other times, matching outfits can be a fun way for siblings to show their love. Still other people find joy in matching clothing for special events or trips. No matter what your reasoning for wanting to coordinate outfits with your friends, Greek U has you covered.

1. Sorority Shirts

A common part of joining a sorority is the requirement to wear clothes that you are assigned, or to dress in a way that makes you look similar to your big sister. One of the cutest ways to do this is to use big / little shirts to show who is in charge and to show others that you have someone in your corner for you. These shirts can either be customized with your name, or they can be kept generic, enabling them to be passed on to the next generation of sorority girl as an heirloom.

This use is extremely interesting as the shirts are representing a physical bond that can be hard to explain. A big sister in a sorority is meant to care for her charges, but she is also meant to see them as friends or even family. Likewise, the little sister is supposed to trust her big sister with decisions, such as what she should wear, but she should also be trying to work her hardest to emulate her sister and bask in the feeling of inclusion that properly done sorority life brings about.

2. Sibling Outfits

Much like girls in sororities, siblings will often find situations where they need to look alike or it would further their agenda to do so. One of the most popular reasons to get coordinated outfits for your siblings is simply to make them laugh and enjoy yourself. Some people do things like putting pictures of their parents on the shirts, using them to display inside jokes, or even as a way to celebrate the accomplishments of their siblings when something important happens. Another reason that siblings wear matching clothes is to make it easier for them to find each other in crowded areas.

This might be one of the most common uses of coordinated outfits, but it is still an important example. This is where the association with family members and people that you are close to comes from when you think about using matching clothes. People who view groups that are taking part in this shared moment from the outside will usually assume that the people wearing similar clothes are related. For siblings this can be a nice amount of validation, but to friends it can be the only way their deeper bond is recognized by the greater public.

3. Best Friend Outfits

One of the most fun ways to use matching outfits is to enjoy them together with a friend. Some people choose to do BFF shirts, but often the rest of the outfit has also been planned to match. Going to university on the same day in matching shirts can help friends feel close to each other, even if they are across the country or world from each other because both people chose to go to different schools. BFF shirts can be a great way to let your bestie know that you are thinking of them, to make it easy to find each other in an airport, or just to have fun with each other.

In terms of usage, the best friend shirts are one of the most fun, but also the ones with the most potential for variation. Friends often have much more to work with in terms of themes, and they can combine together elements of groups that they are in to make something truly unique. Going back to the idea of sororities using these kinds of shirts, members who have grown close will sometimes get their own personalized shirts that show that they are both best friends and sister, showing the growth of the bond between them as life goes on.

Overall, the idea of using matching clothing isn’t something that most people want to do in their day to day life, but it is one that shows the bonds that exist between friends, siblings, and even sorority sisters. The fact that clothing is so necessary for self expression makes this sharing of clothing and styles that much more important. It is easy to see why friends show off their shared qualities, siblings find ways to separate themselves from the rest of the world, and sororities bind themselves together visually with matching clothing.