Many people have different thoughts towards traveling. But to many, traveling is a good idea if you want to unwind on things and just experience living life to its fullest. The world is filled with plenty of destinations waiting for you to discover. Whether it’s just getting to know about the culture of the people, visiting the great sights to see, or just enjoying the good food from place to place – traveling has plenty of things in store waiting for you to discover.

One destination that you might want to add to your list is Marseille, France. Marseille is the second largest city in France, next to Paris. Got questions about places to visit, what kind of things to expect and of course, how to get to and from the airport? We’ve got you covered below.

Getting in and around Marseille

When on vacation or even during business trips, time is of the essence and of course you want to spend minute either enjoying the place or not being late on business related schedules. Whether you’re flying into Marseille for business or leisure, it’s recommended that you use a service such as Blacklane when it comes to getting to and from the Marseille airport. It’s easy, affordable and very convenient if you want to enjoy Marseille to its fullest.

Things to see

Of course there are plenty of things to see around Marseille. Almost every place you visit will tell you about the culture and life of the people around there and will tell you a little story about their history in one way.

  • Le Vieux Port is a good place to come to see fishermen auction their stock but if you’re not into that but more into historic places.
  • La Major is a huge cathedral on the coast which was built during the 19th century.
  • Of course there’s the ever iconic, Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde with “La Bonne Mère” watching over fishermen in the area.

Restaurants and food

What better way to enjoy the culture of the people than to taste their culinary masterpieces. From luxury restaurants or just restaurants that want to cater to their customer’s needs and tastes, Marseille is packed with them.

  • La Table du Fort Restaurant is an excellent restaurant if you want to dive into the more luxurious side of dining. Serving food that’s French, Mediterranean, and European, you’ll truly get to have a taste of the luxurious side of Marseille this way.
  • If you’re looking for a place that serves great food but are on a budget, that specializes on Italian, pizza, vegetarian friendly, and vegan options, Mozzart pizza Restaurant is the place you want to be at.

Enjoy the great food, atmosphere and many more because Marseille has plenty of restaurants that will cater to your tastes!