Canadian Golf Courses

Wanted to enjoy some golf on holiday in Canada, but think it’s too late? If you make it north of the border in the next several weeks, you can still enjoy some amazing Canadian golf courses before winter asserts itself.

Below, we’ll mention a few courses you shouldn’t miss while traveling in Canada…

1) Cabot Links

The east coast may get the short stick when it comes to tourism in Canada, but when it comes to a lengthy golf season, it’s courses like Cabot Links which get the last laugh.

With sufficient warmth for the season to last through to the end of October, you can fit in a round on this links-based masterpiece while you are on Cape Breton Island to check out the fall colors around the Cabot Trail, or musical performances at the Celtic Colours Festival.

With two courses that hug the cliffs above the spectacular Gulf of St. Lawrence, you’ll have all the amazing play you can handle during your trip to this under-appreciated corner of Canada.

However, sometimes the weather can be less than cooperative. If a nor’easter chugs up the coast and rains out one of your golf days, make the most of the situation by firing up some party casino.

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2) St. Raphael Golf Club

While Montreal has plenty of historical attractions, amazing restaurants, and hot nightlife, it also has a number of amazing golf courses as well.

St. Raphael Golf Club is the best one to hit up as a member of the public, as it is home to two 18-hole golf courses which offer the serious duffer a different experience each time.

The Red Course is studded with lakes that present the golfer with a constant challenge to their score, while the Blue Course boasts holes with narrow width which punish slices and hooks mercilessly.

Hungry after a hard round of golf? The club house is renowned locally for its cuisine, so stick around for lunch or dinner after stepping off the course.

3) Predator Ridge Golf Resort

While the golf courses of the Kootenays and Alberta are running on borrowed time these days (the first snow of the season has coated the peaks of the Rockies as of this writing), Predator Ridge Golf Resort in Kelowna still has several weeks of play left before the groundskeepers begin covering up the greens.

Set amidst fragrant pines in the benchlands above the Okanagan Valley near Vernon, British Columbia, this course will provide you with a visual feast with every hole that you play.

Don’t let it distract you from the shots you’ll need to make, though, as this course’s changing elevations, plentiful bunkers, and rock hard greens will test your club selection and shot making ability constantly.