Whether you are a car owner who is planning on restoring a classic car or in a mind-numbing situation of having to repair your own car, you must be looking for a lot of spare parts that can bring your car back to its working condition.  We all know that buying new spare parts for the car is always expensive and sometimes this goes beyond the budget for car owners.  Why not consider purchasing used auto parts instead of new ones?

It can be difficult making the decision to buy brand new automotive parts when you can find an alternative that is equally effective.  Though new parts have never been used, there is no guarantee that they will not cause problems down the line.  Used auto parts have several advantages.  The benefits of used auto parts make them a worthwhile investment and offer peace of mind.

You Save Money

This is the most obvious benefit of buying used auto parts.  Brand new auto parts are very expensive and usually, you are only paying extra because they have never been used. Sometimes the difference can be up to fifty percent.  For older vehicles that require important part replacement, used auto parts are definitely a more cost-effective choice.


Many used auto parts have been reconditioned for the specific purpose of resale. This means that refurbished auto parts have been tuned up to make them just as effective and valuable as a brand new part. Refurbished auto parts are a bit pricier but they are still cheaper than buying new ones.

Environmentally Friendly

Purchasing use parts also means recycling.  As you are aware, recycling plays a major role in keeping the environment clean and green. Fewer things being manufactured means less releases of greenhouse gasses being emitted.


There are several places where you can buy used auto parts such as junkyards, used parts dealers, online sellers, auto auctions and auto parts stores. This makes it very easy and convenient to find any used auto part you may need for almost any make or model vehicle.  When you shop for second-hand auto parts, you tend to buy from the local part dealers mentioned earlier.  It helps to keep money within the local community.

How to Ship Auto Body Parts

Some of the most commonly shipped auto parts are bumpers, fenders, hoods, radiator support, doors, hard tops, seats, wheels and more. Once you have found the parts and closed the deal, getting them delivered to you can be quite a challenge.

Shiply, an online shipping marketplace has the right tool that can help you find shipping carriers to deliver your cargo.  On its platform, you just need to fill in some information about your delivery.  Once that is done, the rated auto part delivery services will send personalized quotes directly to your inbox.  This allows you to compare prices to move auto parts all in one place. You can choose which carrier you prefer to handle your shipment.

If you are shipping a large number of auto body parts, you may need a Full Truckload or FTL. For a smaller load, LTL or Less Than A Truckload shipping is a great option because you only pay for the portion of the truck that your cargo occupies. When choosing LTL freight, it is important to note that your shipment will travel with other shipper’s cargo, the truck will stop frequently and your cargo will be unloaded and reloaded several times throughout transit. As such, it is important to pack your shipment carefully to prevent theft and also to ensure that it will not be damaged along the way.