Businesses that Changed the Way We Travel

Traveling to different place around the globe is surely a life changing experience you’ll never forget. Over time, there have been countless ways to travel the world like riding airplanes, boats, yachts and more. When it comes to transportation and accommodation there are two businesses that have been rising to the top.


Uber is a company that has people who can sign up to be a driver and pick up people with their own cars. Think of it as being a taxi driver but having to use your own car. You can then pick up people who use the app and drop them off places where they can then pay you using credit or debit card and cash.

That only applies to people who want to be Uber drivers though. The real luxury is using the application as a passenger. Imagine being stuck in a place where it is crowded and people are anxious to get a cab. Now being an Uber user, you can simply open up the app and book a driver that will pick you up at the said area. Easy, right?

There are even more benefits towards using Uber like knowing the driver’s information and their current route towards you. With all this in mind, traveling from place to place gets easier with the use of Uber.


Another company that will surely change your traveling experience is Airbnb. So what is Airbnb you ask? Airbnb is an online community marketplace that allows people who want to rent their homes with people who are searching for accommodations. Think of it as Uber but this time it deals with homes and you opening them up for rent.

If you are someone looking to travel and book a place where it is more home centered for the family then Airbnb has lots of choices and covers a lot of countries, 192 to be exact. The benefits include having a place to stay that is well taken care of plus you can read reviews from past customers of a certain place listed in Airbnb.

The listings can range not only from rooms but even yachts, apartments and even castles as well. Booking is simple as searching for the place you want to stay in, the amount of people you are with, room type, size and all these can be easily adjusted according to your preferences.