Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii is of course one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. As implied by the name, Big Island is its largest island and the best place to go for an authentic Hawaiian vacation. From its wide variety of climates to its exploding volcanoes to gorgeous beaches, Big Island is a vacation unlike anything else. There’s so much to see and do that it can get a bit overwhelming. So let’s take a look at fourteen reasons to spend your next vacation in Big Island, Hawaii.

Vacation Homes

The best place to stay while you’re at the Big Island is in a vacation home. There are a number of BigIsland vacation homes for rent, and they’re all breathtakingly gorgeous. These give you the chance to live in true luxury with swimming pools, beautiful interiors, and incredible views you have to see to believe. It’s by far the best way to experience a Hawaiian vacation.

Few Crowds

Although Big Island is by far the largest of the Hawaiian islands, it’s also the most sparsely populated. This makes it one of those rare vacation spots where you won’t be fighting with large crowds. This will leave you free to explore the island comfortably at your own pace. It’s the closest thing many of us will experience to having an island to ourselves.


Of course, you can’t talk about Hawaii without mentioning its beautiful beaches. There are literally hundreds to choose from. This means you can find what you’re looking for whether you want to spend the day with your family or whether you’re looking for some water-related fun. And due to the Big Island’s unique geology, you can find beaches in three different colors. These range from white sands, black sands, and even green. This is something else you’ll only find on the Big Island.


While you’re exploring the Big Island’s beaches, you might want to try some surfing as well. Hawaii is naturally one of the go-to places in the world when it comes to surfing. While it’s a perfect place for experienced surfers, there are also many places to take lessons for beginners who want to try something new. And because of its sparse population, many of its best spots are secret. This means experienced surfers will be able to catch some waves without having to deal with big crowds.


Many die-hard snorkelers agree that Big Island is one of the best places in the world to go snorkeling. If you’ve never tried it before, this is a great opportunity to experience something amazing. Exploring the Hawaiian reefs and swimming with the animals can be like visiting another world. It’s simply the best place to have an underwater adventure.

A Variety of Climates

It may surprise you to learn that Big Island contains ten out of the world’s fourteen climate zones. That can make this particular vacation spot seem like several different vacations in one. It’s the only place in the world where you can see tropical beaches one day and snowy mountains the next.

Beautiful Landscapes

Big Island’s unique variety of climates also means there is a massive diversity of things to see. These include beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, valleys, and so much more. It’s surprising how much can fit on this one island. You’ll never have a lack of things to see while you’re there.

The People

Because Hawaii is such a popular tourist destination, the locals are used to having visitors. Many of them work in the tourism industry themselves. This means you can always expect to be greeted with friendship and hospitality. On top of this, most of the locals abide by what is called “the aloha spirit”. This means friendliness is an essential part of Hawaiian culture.

The Culture

Speaking of culture, it’s no secret that Hawaii has a distinct culture inspired by its indigenous people. It’s a culture full of fascinating traditions, music, and dances. It’s unlike anything you’ll see at home. On top of this, Hawaii is also home to many different people from all around the world. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to experience many different cultures at once.

The Merrie Monarch Festival

The Merrie Monarch Festival is a week long celebration of Hawaiian culture that’s held every year on the Big Island. It’s the premier place to see people practice one of Hawaii’s most beloved traditions, the hula. You’ll also see art exhibits, parades, and much more. This is a must-see for anyone visiting the Big Island.


If you’re the adventurous type, this is something you must see. Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It’s been shooting fire and lava for the last 23 years, making it unlike anything you’ll see at home. Don’t worry though, it’s completely safe. You can check it out at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


This is a great activity for those who are interested in the mysteries of the universe. The Mauna Kea summit is considered one of the best places in the world to do some stargazing. It’s Hawaii’s highest peak, and home to some of the most powerful telescopes you can find. At Big Island, you’ll not only see some of the best natural sites on earth but in the cosmos as well.


If you’re a coffee lover, then this is something you have to try. Hawaii’s Kona coffee is famous all around the world. Big Island’s unique conditions help create some of the world’s highest quality coffee. While you’re there, you can take tours of coffee farms where you can see for yourself how it’s made. And of course, you can get some free samples as well.


You’ve seen sunsets before, but you’ve never seen them like this. A true, Hawaiian sunset is one of the most beautiful things a person can see. Some of the best spots to catch see this magical phenomenon are the west coast of the island or on the peak of Mauna Kea. It’s the perfect way to end a day of fun and adventure in Hawaii.