Taking your children out for camping is a family bonding ritual that has existed in most British families for since time immemorial. Enjoying family time together while roasting marshmallows, chasing fireflies, helping each other pitch tents are sure-fire ways that bring many families together. Planning the perfect family camping trip is not easy, however, below are essential tips to ensure you and your family enjoy a memorable time out in the open nature.

Picking the Right Location

The most significant decision you have to make before taking your family camping is definitely choosing the right location. Camping location is crucial since it will make or break your family’s camping experience. In Britain, one of the best locations you can choose has to be Cornwall. Cornwall is known for its breathtaking scenery and fantastic beaches.

Considered as one of Britain’s most sparsely populated county, it is the ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the scenery. Situated in the south west of England, Cornwall prides itself for having the best beaches in England, with 300 beaches to choose from. It has a mild climate making it perfect for families who are willing to camp in the area.

Choosing the Ideal Campsite

After selecting the location, the next important step is picking the campsite. The campsite you select will determine the success of the family camp. There are numerous campsites in Cornwall that you can choose from. Most are family-friendly campsites that provides camper the opportunity of arranging and providing your family the amenities required for the ideal family camping experience. They also a perfect location that enables your family to enjoy the scenic countryside.

Another huge factor that is typically forgotten is checking out the pet policies of a campsite. At most campsites family pets are welcome, and you are allowed up to two pets per pitch, so your family can enjoy your vacation with your pets

Make Reservations Early 

To ensure your family gets a secure spot at the campsite, it is advisable to reserve and book early to avoid last minute rushes. Inform the Campsite what you would require for the camp and how many family members will be attending, this will help the campsite provide the perfect experience for your family. It is also essential to know the campsite address to reduce chances of getting lost during the travel day. An example is

Perran Springs Holiday Park

Come Prepared.

After determining the location and making reservations, the only step remaining before camping is preparing and packing. You should ensure you have all the supplies and fully stocked before leaving the house. Other than the tent and sleeping bags, it is also advisable to carry other necessary and useful accessories such as flashlights, plastic bags, paper plates, roasting forks, extra towels waterproof containers and first aid kits to mention a few. It is also essential to carry enough amount of shoes and clothes. You can never be too prepared when going camping. After preparation, you can now head out and enjoy relaxing and bonding with your family.