India is a vast country filled with a wide array of beautiful destinations. Whether you want to go sightseeing the Taj Mahal or attend an important alerts meeting in Kerala, you need a fast, reliable, comfortable and budget-friendly means of getting around.

The best offers on Jet Airways flight booking at Cleartrip. With its headquarters in Mumbai, Jet Airways is India’s biggest airlines. Jet Airways takes pride in being an airline that provides world-class services, combined with the famous warm Indian hospitality.

Below are reasons why you should make Jet Airway your number 1 airline while in India.

1.Get to travel in comfort

Usually, the primary concern for passengers on any airline especially for the economy class has to be comfort. Economy class passengers of many local airlines worldwide do not experience the luxury of having comfortable seats and adequate legroom. With Jet Airways this is different passengers in economy class get to enjoy ergonomically designed seats with plenty of legroom. Passengers using Jet Airways are guaranteed a smooth and enjoyable journey.

2.Enjoy In-flight entertainment

Journeys are supposed to be fun and memorable; Jet Airways ensures this by providing the best in-flight entertainment and communication system ensuring you never get a dull moment. With inbuilt reliable Wi-Fi and huge LCD screens, you get to experience a myriad of various entertainment options such as movies, soothing music or read your favorite e-books. Also, you can communicate with loved ones and friends with Jet airways in-seat communication system.

3.Enjoy International and Indian cuisine

Another exciting reason to use Jet Airways is the opportunity to enjoy complimentary delicacies. Whether its international or Indian cuisine, you get to enjoy a sumptuous meal prepared by the best Chefs in India. Also with today’s ever growing need for special diet, you can get a variety of special diets on the flight including diabetic friendly food and even gluten-free food

4.Benefit from Jet Airways “Explore India Pass”

The beauty of Jet Airways is that you can purchase a single ticket and use it for multiple local destinations. The “Explore India Pass” makes it super convenient since you don’t need to carry multiple tickets while traveling. Also, you can reroute and change your internal flights more efficiently and cheaply.

5.Buy tickets anytime and anywhere

Jet Airlines believe in versatility, and you get to experience this when purchasing their tickets. You can easily buy your tickets anywhere at any time through their website and mobile app. Another benefit of purchasing their tickets online is their awesome flight deals. You also get to enjoy Zero Penalty Fees for all cancellations and changes within a 24-hour span.

6.Experience the Friendly cabin crew

Excellent customer service is imperative for any flight operator around the world; Jet Airways is no exception. Once you choose Jet Airways, you get the chance to experience Indian hospitality like never before. The warm and friendly cabin crew are assured to make you smile and feel welcomed.

Your journey experiences are guaranteed never to be the same after choosing Jet Airways.