Some hen parties can get pretty wild. If you are looking for something a little more tasteful and classy then here are 6 grownup hen party ideas.

Spa Weekend in Bath

Bath is a fabulous place to go for a hen party and there are many great spas for you to try out. You can relax in hot pools, steam in saunas or steam rooms, get massages and various other spa treatments. It is a great way to spend time with friends that you may not have had the chance to talk to for a while. Everyone will feel serene and relaxed and ready for an exciting night at the pub at the end of the day.

Explore Rome’s Fascinating History

Rome is a fabulous city for a hen party because it has a fabulous nightlife and it also has exciting historical sites that you can take a tour of during the day. The Coliseum is over 2000 years old and these fabulous Roman Ruins are a must. Visit the Vatican City and you can explore The Apostolic Palace, and St. Peter’s Basilica. Visit the Trevi fountain that was built in the 18th century and make a wish.

Go Cycling in France

Brittany is in the north western part of France and it is a great place to go for an bike holiday. There are plenty of moderate cycle routes that you can spend your days exploring. You can ride along beautiful canals, tour country roads, or get bikes that can travel along old train tracks. Treat yourself to some crepes and drink lots of wine at the end of the day without any guilt. Another option for a cycling holiday is to go to Marseille, you can join an electric bike tour. Riding an electric bike is especially good if you are riding up a hill, as it helps you go faster than you would on a normal bike, and also requires less effort.

Celebrate on a Canal Boat

Celebrating a hen party on a canal boat exploring the narrow water ways of the UK is a lot of fun. You can cruise down waterways with your own boat that sleeps up to 12 people and party as you go. You can stop your boat at any city or town that has a dock and get out and explore the area. In between towns you can watch the beauty of the natural surroundings as you glide by them.

Connect in Cyprus

Cyprus is a great place to go for a hen party because the weather is great all year round. Aiya Napa is a great place to go and you can find great all inclusive accommodations and many things to do in the area. Nissi Beach is a stunning world-famous beach and it is a great place to go for swimming, relaxing in the sun, or snorkeling. Spend a day at Waterworld where you can spend the day riding the rides.

Live Like Royalty in Scotland

Rent a castle in Scotland and have a royal hen party. You can get places that are fully or staffed or with self catering. You can use the grounds and explore fun activities like archery, falconry, horseback riding, and some places even have golf. Hire a limo to transport the group around and you will truly feel like royalty.