More and more people are realizing how motivating having a bucket list can be. If you write down what you want to do before you die you can reassess your list as you get older, take off the things you have tried, and add new things as you hear about them. Here are 6 awesome activities to add to your bucket list.

Explore Scotland’s Beautiful Scenery

Scotland has stunning scenery like Cairngorms National Park that is filled with stunning mountain ranges and beautiful, thick green forests. Go to the archipelago of St. Kilda’s that was abandoned in the 1930’s and you can see the deserted houses and stunning views of the North Atlantic Ocean. Explore Isle of Skye and you can go swimming in the refreshing Fairy Pools that are fed by stunning waterfalls.

Trek in the Maliau Basin

Jungle trekking in Borneo’s Maliau Basin is a real treat for nature lovers. This area has been under conservation since the 1970’s and you can expect to see plenty of small animals like frogs, lizards, spiders, and other insects. You may also see larger animals like gibbons, sambar deer, leaf langurs, and wild pigs.

Surfing in Morocco

Surfing in Morocco is a great experience for newbies and experienced surfers. Taghazout and Mirleft are the best places to go and you can get rentals, accommodations and lessons if you require them. You can also learn yoga on the beach and find packages that combine yoga and surfing.

Bungee Jumping in Queenstown

Queenstown is in New Zealand and it is a great place for a bungee jumping adventure. You will get to jump off of the Kawarau Bridge and experience the thrill of plummeting towards the water. The jump is exhilarating and you may find yourself wanting to do even more adventures like skydiving, paragliding, and ziplining.

Holiday in Austrian Alps

There are plenty of awesome activities for you to do if you take a holiday in the Austrian Alps. You can go skiing or snowboarding most months of the year. There are plenty of other activities available as well that you can include as part of your vacation packages in Austria. In the winter you can try ice climbing on frozen waterfalls, tobogganing, sleigh rides, snowshoeing, and learn how to build an igloo. In the summer you can try trekking, swimming, horseback riding, and many other fun activities. There are also plenty of great places to visit like the cities of Innsbruck and Salzburg.

Safari in Botswana

Choosing Botswana for a safari is a great option because there are so many places to visit and such a variety of wildlife to see. Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park are government reserves but there are more restrictions in these areas. There are no walking tours available, driving at night is not allowed, and you cannot drive off road anywhere in the park so you may not see as many areas.

There an abundant number of private reserves in the area that allow night driving, off road driving, and offer guided walking tours that will give you the best chance of seeing these magnificent animals in the wild.