So many of us would like to see more of the world, but travelling is just so expensive. In this day and age when even basic necessities cost a lot, how can you still afford to globetrot? Well, here are 3 ways you can generate income while you travel.

1. Rent Out Your Place Temporarily

You can turn your place into a holiday home that other travelers can rent so that you can earn additional income while you’re away. There are several platforms on the internet like Airbnb where people can book your place for short vacations. And to really maximize rental income, make sure that you properly market your holiday home and that you price it sensibly.

Let’s discuss marketing and pricing:

Marketing your holiday home

Putting your place online in the digital space is a low cost way to market it. Just present it brilliantly with high definition images that capture the vibe of the space. Also, remember that it needs to be appealing but not deceiving. Don’t list amenities that are not present in your home and make sure that you maintain your household in pristine condition.

Pricing your holiday home

The price of your holiday home will depend on several factors including its location, amenities, square footage, etcetera. Most of the time, you can put a higher price to your holiday home if you have a well-designed interior that inspires a feeling of staying at a hotel. Add personal touches to your space as well. Make sure that guests will have a relaxing vacation when they stay at your place.

2. Freelance While You Travel

If you really want a wanderlust lifestyle, a nine-to-five job may prevent you from traveling all the time. Here’s a solution to your problem: freelance. There are multiple websites where employers post listings of freelancing jobs. If you’re a creative, you can even start your own online business selling your craft. Photography, writing, graphic design – these can all become sustainable careers via the internet. When you travel, you can also find short-term jobs in the places you’re visiting. For instance, tutoring, waitressing, and private household jobs like babysitting and housekeeping can be done temporarily.

3. Start a Travel Blog/Vlog

Travel bloggers (and their video counterpart, the vloggers) earn through sponsorships, advertisements, and Google AdSense. Sometimes, they are also paid by governments and establishments to travel to different locations to promote attractions and local tourism. When you gain a substantial following, brands may also start to partner with you in your posts or videos.

However, starting a travel blog or vlog is not as easy as it sounds. It may not pay well until you have a significant audience reach. Having said that, blogging and vlogging can definitely become a career if you do decide to pursue it. Who knows where it will lead, right? After all, those big influencers you find on social media all started out with a small audience, too.

These are just three ways for you to afford a nomadic lifestyle. If this really is your dream, you just have to trust yourself that you can do it. Remember that passion with action is a sure way to achieve whatever it is you set your mind to.